Pollsters speak: Chat ranked fifth

Thursday's chat was ranked fifth all-time among ESPN NFL chats by a super secret panel of pollsters, according to a press release anonymously sent to AFC South HQ.

I’d like to thank my family for its support, ESPN.com for the opportunity, but most of all the readers and participants, without whom none of this would be possible.

If you missed the award-winning conversation, here’s the sort of juicy insight we covered:

  • Teams that would covet Peyton Manning if the Colts deal him or he became a free agent.

  • Marcedes Lewis' struggles.

  • The Titans’ holes looking to 2010

  • Matt Leinart's chances of success as the starter in Houston.

  • Pro Bowl voting.

  • Whether Manning should be on the Colts’ sideline.

You are invited to read what you missed, but only if you promise to click twice so as to double the hits. Thanks to you and your mouse in advance.

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