Mailbag: A Twitter lightning round

Jonathan from Fort Wayne, Ind., writes: You mentioned the Colts should switch playing style, and I agree. But you also say there isn't much to promote on the depth chart. I assume there isn't much talent as well, but not at least try and promote and see people in a game situation, especially the younger guys? People like Jerry Hughes and Anthony Gonzalez who are considered busts and don't get much game action especially. Why not see what they can do now and maybe someone the Colts have supposedly had become a bust will surprise and show promise?

Paul Kuharsky: I agree. They Colts have proven they can lose with the people they are using. Not to see if they can at least lose less badly with guys who are in waiting seems more than a bit stubborn.

M Gilchrease of Grass Valley, Calif., writes that he can’t understand how the Texans win in a rout and drop a spot in the Power Rankings.

Paul Kuharsky: Yeah, you might have heard, M, that the Texans lost their starting quarterback. That affects how powerful they are.

I kept them at No. 8. And often when a team wins and drops a couple spots, it’s about a move up by another team or teams with a more significant win. It’s impossible to look at each result independently. They are all intertwined. But your beef would appear to be with some of the other voters.

Erik from Mandello Del Lario, Italy writes: If Peyton Manning is such a leader of the this team, and they are free-falling without him at the helm, why is he being so quiet, instead of chewing their asses for not playing well? He is the leader.

Paul Kuharsky: Hello Italy.

First off, we have no idea what he’s saying to them now, just as we typically have no idea what he’s saying to them in a regular season.

No. 2, why are you inclined to think yelling will help? If they have bad players, how is yelling at them certain to make them better?

No. 3, he’s not playing. If you’re the greatest leader in world history but you’re on the sideline, you’ve got less clout than if you’re in the action.

Brandon in Seattle writes: I know this is going to sound odd, but what are the odds Matt Hasselbeck is traded or let go by the Titans after the year so he can start for someone else who doesn't have a young QB? I just watch him play and think he's clearly still got it, and if the team did want to start the Locker era, there's no way he shouldn't be starting somewhere else. I think in the right situation, he could be capable of producing something close to what Kurt Warner did at the end of his career in Arizona. Then again, he may be doing that right now if Britt were playing. What are your thoughts?

Paul Kuharsky: The Titans aren’t going to trade him, they’re going to play him. They’re fine letting Jake Locker sit as long as Hasselbeck is healthy and playing well.

Carl from Iowa City, Iowa writes: Everyone is abuzz about the possibility of Luck to the Colts. My question is, can the Colts handle two high-value contracts at QB and still have much of a team at the other positions? I know that numbers can be played with to create cap space, but I don't think this issue has received enough attention.

Paul Kuharsky: Under the new CBA, the contract for the No. 1 pick is nowhere near as unmanageable as it used to be. They can handle it if they want to.

@JLevin28 writes: Any chance the Colts trade the 1st Pick?

@ESPN_AFCSouth: Anything is possible. Anyone who pretends to know intentions right now who is not named Irsay or Polian is a fibber.

@KitchTN writes: Do you play fantasy football? If yes, details? If no, reasons why not?

@ESPN_AFCSouth: I do. Right now I wish McFadden was healthy.

@KeepItTeal writes: as (the Jaguars) get WR threat on outside, will that make checkdowns, screen plays, underneath routes go for more ydage? def. cant cheat?

@espn_afcsouth: Sure it'll help. So will a fresh approach to all kind of offensive elements.

@jeffaa writes: can the titans catch the texans? no team in this division can score with schaub gone. may combine for less than packers

@espn_afcsouth: The Texans will still be able to score. They can run and Leinart can supplement. Titans just scored 30, by the way.

@MasonStormMusic writes: Blaine (Gabbert) a bust? Or lack of weapons and poor coaching to blame?

@espn_afcsouth: He's bad so far. First and foremost, HE'S to blame. But environment isn't good. Way too early to declare a bust.

@19gatsby88 writes: Do you think Irsay will sit Manning (assuming he could come back this year) to insure # 1 pick?

@ESPN_AFCSouth: I think they've made it pretty clear they are keeping him on the roster in case he has a chance to practice, not play.


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