Texans downplay change to lefty Leinart

A switch to a lefty quarterback brings some change, but not as much as a lot of us may think.

That’s the conclusion to reach based on the way the Houston Texans have talked about Matt Leinart stepping into the lineup.

The ball spins differently so receivers will be conscious of that, right tackle Eric Winston becomes a blind-side pass protector and while the Texans will stay unpredictable, Leinart will surely be more comfortable rolling and bootlegging to his left.

“You don’t change what you do, you change how you call things. So if anybody’s got to make an adjustment, I do.” coach Gary Kubiak said. “Just the way I set formations or set things that we do. But I’ve been through this before. In San Francisco, I had a pretty good lefty (in Steve Young) and then my backup was a righty, so I’ve been through this before. But it doesn’t change the offense we run or those type of things. It just kind of changes how you set formations.”

Quarterback coach Greg Knapp also worked with Young and a righty backup in San Francisco and with lefty Michael Vick and righty Matt Schaub in Atlanta.

“Keepers maybe you’ll go to the left a little more, but you try to keep a balance,” Knapp said.

The team will not expect Leinart to handle the volume of plays in a game plan that they would bring into a game for Schaub.

As for the pass catchers, the adjustment is being downplayed. Knapp said it’s not a dramatic change.

Said receiver Kevin Walter: “It’s a little different, it spins a little different. Some of the deep balls, it’s a little different catching it. But it’s nothing that we’re actually dealing with. We’ve been throwing and catching for the last two years."

Leinart’s not concerned about that element of the change at all.

“You throw the ball and catch the ball and I know none of us are worried about that,” he said.