Kubiak turns his focus to starter Yates

Matt Leinart needs collarbone surgery and Gary Kubiak is set to move forward with T.J. Yates as his starting quarterback.

At the same time, with a rookie starter and a backup in Kellen Clemens signed just last week, the team will pursue a veteran option for security, the Houston coach said at his Monday afternoon news conference.

Asked specifically about Brett Favre as a possibility, Kubiak said. "I'm not going to rule out anybody nor confirm anybody." But GM Rick Smith has already told Peter King of Sports Illustrated he’s not interested in the circus that would come with Favre, and indications are Favre isn’t seeking work.

Besides, the addition won’t be someone who would have to play.

My read on Kubiak is this: They are going with Yates and expect good things, but they want increased security. That said, such options are hardly good ones at this point in time. Good veteran options without major issues are on other teams.

“Whoever we bring in, we’ve got to hope that we can catch him up quickly,” Kubiak said. “We are going with T.J. It’s T.J.’s opportunity and it’s his job, and I told him and I told the team that today. But I also told the team that we will bring in somebody else.

“I mean we’ve got a young quarterback and a backup who’s been here for four days, so we’ve got to find some experience out there who’s been in a few rodeos so to speak, and we’re preparing ourselves for down the road. We’ve still got a lot of football to play.”

Kubiak said he expects the Texans to rally around Yates, which was the tone the team already took Sunday following his work in place of Leinart in a win in Jacksonville.

While Smith will now take the lead on finding the additional guy, Kubiak will be very involved in getting Yates ready for Sunday’s home game against Atlanta.

“I’ll do what he can handle,” Kubiak said. “But I’m going to challenge him. This is a situation we’re in right now as a football team with where we’re at that his level is going to have to rise real quick. So I’m going to challenge him to do that, give him that opportunity and I’ve got to be smart…

“We’re going to give the young man a chance to meet the challenge, and I’m with him. We’re all with him.”