Painter out, Orlovsky in for Colts at QB

Colts vice chairman Bill Polian said on his Monday night radio show that any change was good change for the Colts.

To which I wondered why they hadn’t inserted Dan Orlovsky at quarterback, replacing Curtis Painter.

Now, on the same day they dumped defensive coordinator Larry Coyer, coach Jim Caldwell said he is making the quarterback switch.

Let’s be clear: Orlovsky is a bad quarterback. But based on how poorly Painter’s been playing, why not try something different?

Twitter is abuzz with people wondering if the point spread for the Colts game at New England Sunday is moving based on the change. Indianapolis was a 21-point underdog when Painter was expected to play.

It’s easy to say it can’t be worse with Orlovsky. But if the Patriots are determined to embarrass their AFC rival, they could be shooting to top New Orleans’ Oct. 23 62-7 win over the Colts.

And is there anyone in the league who could challenge Caldwell’s ability to understate?

"[Painter] did some things better,” Caldwell said. “But overall obviously not quite what we were looking for."

Not quite? I understand Painter wasn’t going to be close to Peyton Manning. But I’d hope the Colts’ expectations haven’t been lowered so much that what Painter’s done qualifies as anything but a whole lot worse than what the team was looking for.