RTC: Texans' Quin solid at safety

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Houston Texans

Gary Kubiak was impressed with Jake Delhomme in a tryout, and he’s now a Texans quarterback, says John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

Glover Quin’s move to safety has been a smooth one, says Jeffrey Martin of the Chronicle. He doesn’t have an interception, but rates his play as pretty good so far.

Indianapolis Colts

Writes Phil Richards of The Indianapolis Star: “Bad football teams generate casualties, not victories, and the Indianapolis Colts produced a couple Tuesday.” Defensive coordinator Larry Coyer was fired and quarterback Curtis Painter has been benched in favor of Dan Orlovsky.

It’s change for change’s sake, and it’s about time, says Bob Kravitz of the Star.

Nate Dunlevy of 18to88.com is not convinced having both Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck on the roster would be a good thing.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Please see previous blog post.

Tennessee Titans

The Bills pick off a lot of passes and turn interceptions into points. It’s one of five things John Glennon of The Tennessean rates as a hot topic heading to Tennessee-Buffalo.

The Titans hope their relative stability compared to the rest of the division serves them well in their remaining games in the AFC South, says David Boclair of the Nashville City Paper.