Tebow's success doesn't mean Jags missed

It’s very easy to connect the dots. Too easy.

The Jaguars are a bad football team getting bad quarterback play. Local hero Tim Tebow is willing the Broncos to wins. Therefore the Jaguars should have taken Tim Tebow. Or should go get him now.

I’m here to try to erase any lines being drawn.

Say what you will about the Jaguars' efforts to rebuild under general manager Gene Smith, but it’s about football and it’s about the long term.

And, in my opinion and in what we can read into the Jaguars’ opinion, Tim Tebow is not an option for the long term.

He’s a great guy and a marketing dream. But he’s gimmicky. And in the NFL gimmicky works for a while, gets figured out and disappears.

Seen much hype about the Wildcat lately?

The Jaguars drafted a quarterback who can throw, and last time I checked, throwing is the primary item on the to-do list for quarterbacks. Yes, winning and presence rank as the top items and Tebow is winning and has great presence. But to maintain those things, you have to be able to make throws.)

Maybe Blaine Gabbert can't do enough beyond making big throws and the Jaguars didn't pick the right guy. We need at least another season to know. If they missed, then they’ll deserve criticism for failing to get Christian Ponder or Andy Dalton instead.

But even if Jaguars had taken Tebow in 2010 and he was doing for Jacksonville what he’s doing for Denver right now, it would have been a temporary solution. It's far too easy to say because he's winning in Denver he'd be winning in Jacksonville.

And like most teams in the NFL, the Jaguars are hoping to have a quarterback who’s a clear No. 1 for eight or 10 or 12 years, not a gimmick -- no matter how popular he might be.