Solid first-half review for Yates in Houston

HOUSTON -- It’s a half. And a lot of quarterbacks have played a good half.

But T.J. Yates' first half has been very encouraging.

One Houston TV type already tweeted how we’ll see people talking of Yates’ moxie. Perhaps it’s predictable, but it’s the right word to me.

He saw Andre Johnson drop a very good pass that would have been a significant gain, but later put a perfect ball up for him and watched the receiver muscle it away from a defender for a 50-yard gain that set up Yates' first career touchdown pass.

His “worst” play was an incomplete pass that was somehow ruled a fumble even after a review. He’s got a 102.5 passer rating.

The Texans have maintained a good run-pass balance and have a 10-3 lead on Atlanta at the half.

The Falcons defense is sure to throw some different stuff at Yates in the second half. How he handles it will tell us a bit more. But the early review is quite good for sure.