Caldwell: Coyer up, Moore down

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

After experimenting with his coordinators during the preseason, Jim Caldwell decided it’s best if defensive coordinator Larry Coyer works from the coaching booth and senior offensive coordinator Tom Moore remains on the sideline.

Sometimes determining a coordinator's spot is a tough call. The vantage point from the booth is great and gives coaches an important idea of how things are playing out and how an opponent is positioning players. But being on the sideline allows a coach to look players in the eye while conveying messages rather than using an intermediary or having a conversation by phone.

“Larry is up there in the box, and Larry functions well from up there,” Caldwell said in his Friday chat with local reporters. “He likes being up there in the box. He’s been there over the years. I know he’s been on the sidelines some, but I’m not certain as a coordinator or not. I know as a coordinator he prefers to be in the box.

"So, during the preseason we wanted to look at different options, so I had Tom in the box, as well, but first game of the regular season, Tom is going to be on the sideline, just so it doesn’t come as a shock and a surprise to you. He’s back where he normally is, and that’s how we think we can best function. We wanted to look at a few things, and that’s what the preseason is for. He’ll be back doing his old thing, like he’s normally done over the years.”

While his coordinators will be in familiar territory, Caldwell’s four preseason games were his first on the sideline since 2000, when his seven-year tenure as head coach ended at Wake Forest.

As an assistant at six colleges before that and in four seasons with the Colts as assistant head coach/quarterbacks and then associate head coach, he was upstairs.

“Besides my time on the sideline as a head coach, I’ve never been on the sideline throughout my entire career,” he said. “I’ve always been in the box. If you ask me just in terms of what I thought about being up there? I thought I had a great view of the game; you can see it all, both sides of the field. Someone who has always been on the sideline probably will have a different take of it. It just depends.”

By the way, the guy Coyer replaced, Ron Meeks, coordinated from the sideline.