Chat recap: Enjoy your team

Our earlier chat Thursday was well-attended. Officials at AFC South blog headquarters will keep you posted on the plan going forward.

Here are a few snippets of the most popular exchanges:

Austin (Galveston): Excluding yourself and i will admit to be one who has posted (against) you, however you have been giving the Texans credit where its due BUT how come ESPN doesnt talk about the Texans in anyway? I.E. Their ability to overcome so much and still win, theres a million stories in our season but we cant get more than 30 secs of air time.

Paul Kuharsky: Why do you need them to validate you? Look, teams with history, or in certain markets, or with certain stars are bigger stories with broader appeal. It's life. Your team is having a fantastic season. I encourage you to enjoy it rather than to get unhinged by whether a TV network is talking about your team enough.

Brian (Indy): Who's better? 2008 Lions or 2011 Colts

Paul Kuharsky: That's a game I'd love to see scheduled and then not watch.

Larry (Texans Country): With all the injuries happening to the Texans, several of them appearing to happen out of nowhere while untouched, do you believe a change might need to be made with whomever is the strength and conditioning coach? Or is it just plain bad luck with no common element?

Paul Kuharsky: How does a different staff prevent freak injuries? It's just the easiest, simplest conclusion to draw that the training staff and program is a big reason for injuries. Same staff as in previous year when all the same guys didn't get hurt, no?

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