Jaguars may need kicker for Thursday

The NFL is filled with players who believe they have unused skills.

Guys played skill positions back in high school and think they’ve still got it. They tell teammates and coaches all the time they’re available to play quarterback or line up at receiver or punt or kick if the team is ever in a jam. They mess around with much of it before and after practices.

Often when a kicker gets hurt, the punter takes over.

Sunday, Jacksonville kicker Josh Scobee tweaked a groin in warmups and the team decided to get him out of the game late in their blowout of Tampa Bay. The Jaguars did not turn to punter Nick Harris. The Jaguars attempted a 2-point conversion after their final touchdown, then turned to linebacker Russell Allen for the kickoff.

He hit a line drive to his right to Mossis Madu at the Buccaneers’ 45-yard line.

Fox’s telecast showed that much laughter ensued, including from Scobee on the sideline.

Tweets from reporters at Mel Tucker’s news conference today indicate Scobee is day-to-day and that the team could be signing a kicker. Allen will get a hard time forever over his kick, but the Jaguars chose him over a bunch of volunteers.

The next time the Jaguars need a field player to kick, odds are they will pass over Allen and his small resume and see if the next guy can reach the opponent’s 40-yard line.

The Jaguars next play Thursday night at Atlanta.