How does Jaguars' job rank?

Whatever advantage the Jaguars may have gotten with their next head coach by firing Jack Del Rio on Nov. 29 is over.

The Chiefs have fired Todd Haley and the Dolphins have fired Tony Sparano today. Romeo Crennel and Todd Bowles now join Mel Tucker as interim coaches.

We’ve not learned anything about any sort of backchannel work the Jaguars may have done in gauging the interest of potential new head coaches. But it’s safe to presume general manager Gene Smith and or owner Wayne Weaver, who said he’d be involved in making the hire before the team changes hands to Shahid Khan, have made some inquiries.

Executives from Kansas City and Miami may contact some of the same people now.

How does Jacksonville stack up as a job compared to Miami and Kansas City?

I think it will be far easier for a coach to work with the easygoing Smith than it will to be paired up with KC’s Scott Pioli and the man expected to be hired to run things in Miami, Carl Peterson.

But those two executives and franchises have had far more success than Smith and the Jaguars.

How about from a personnel standpoint?

I asked Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. if he would rank the three from a player talent standpoint.

Here’s his thinking:

"Wow. Tough one. I guess if you are on board with Blaine Gabbert -- and I don’t know why you would be at this point -- then it has to be Jax. They have a defense and running game in place, but the passing game might need totally rebuilt, which is the most difficult thing.

"I really like Miami’s D and Matt Moore might end up being a middle-of-the-road starting QB if everything falls into place. If they stick with Moore, they might be able to really build things around him and give him a year audition.

"KC’s D is mostly in place and they have a lot of excellent very young talent coming back from injury. Matt Cassel, like Moore, might be adequate, although never a franchise guy. KC has a lot of weapons though.

"Again, it is tight, but I probably rank them: 1. KC, 2. MIA, 3. JAX."

How about you? Chime in on the poll above.