Could Wade Phillips leave Houston?

Wade Phillips was a dud in many ways as head coach of the Cowboys.

Now, not much more than a year after he was dismissed from that post, he’s experiencing a major renaissance. As Houston’s defensive coordinator, he’s turned 2010’s 30th-ranked defense into the No. 1 defense in the league.

PhillipsIn a league where three head-coaching jobs are already open and at least six more are in question, could he have rehabilitated himself into a candidate again already?

From John McClain’s piece in Wednesday’s Houston Chronicle:

“I think I have something to offer,” Phillips said. “Look, I’m enjoying this. This is a super job. I want to be clear about that — I don’t want anybody to think I don’t enjoy what I’m doing and the people I’m associated with.

“I don’t want to be somewhere else, but I’d like to be able to be a head coach again.”

His .577 winning percentage as a head coach puts him in the top 50 all-time, says McClain.

Phillips isn’t the best at being a face of the franchise, and more than ever, that’s a key component to a head coach’s job.

But his record for turning defenses around in short order is unparalleled. I’d imagine if nine jobs are open, at least one team in need of a defensive transformation will have him on its initial list.

“Because of the turnarounds, I think that’s where my strength is -- I can get you good quickly,” Phillips told McClain. “That’s where everybody is anyway. Nobody wants a six-year plan anymore; everybody wants to win now. As a head coach and coordinator, that’s what I’ve done.”

Gary Kubiak said he always wants what’s best for his coaches.

But Texans faithful are surely rooting against anyone approaching Phillips.

In a season where the Texans have lost Mario Williams and Matt Schaub and much more to injuries, losing Phillips after the team finishes the season would rate as the franchise’s worst imaginable loss.