Orlovsky needs ball-security work

Indianapolis left tackle Anthony Castonzo had a brutal game against Terrell Suggs Sunday, allowing the Baltimore linebacker to get to Dan Orlovsky three times for three sacks. Orlovsky had a terrible day sensing Suggs' presence, fumbling all three times. The Colts had a great day recovering Orlovsky’s fumbles.

The Titans will be looking to continue the parade of strips Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

In a conference call with the Tennessee media, I asked Orlovsky what he could do to improve his hold on the ball.

“You’ve just got to try to keep two hands on the ball at all times,” Orlovsky said. “Sometimes when you’ve got a guy like we had this past weekend who’s so skilled at really reaching for the ball and he’s behind you there is not a ton you can quote unquote work on. It's really just at all times trying to keep two hands on the ball in the pocket, securing it and realizing how precious it is.

“That’s a responsibility of mine. That’s something I’ll focus on this week.”

But there is more to it than Suggs having a great day. The fumbles boosted Orlovsky’s career total to eight in 18 career games, including nine starts with the Lions and Colts. He also spent time with Houston.

Colts coach Jim Caldwell didn’t want to put blame for the fumbles in Baltimore all on Orlovsky.

“There was a couple of them where he was in the process of just starting to begin his delivery and [Suggs] caught him,” Caldwell said. “We have to be able to protect the ball in the pocket, but we also have to do a better job of pass protecting for him as well.”

While they go about pass protecting better, they'd also do well to get an early lead; even just 3-0. It would be big for Indianapolis to experience life playing from ahead.

The Colts have not held a lead in eight consecutive games. According to Elias, the 1943 Chicago Cardinals are the only other team to have endured such a long streak.