Big day for Jacksonville with Khan approval

Unanimously approved by NFL owners to join their ranks, Shahid Khan spoke publicly about taking over the Jacksonville Jaguars Wednesday.

"What I want to share with the Jacksonville fans is: Here I am, reporting for duty and ready to serve the fans," Khan said. “Let the fun begin."

Asked about his commitment to the market, Khan said: “This is a partnership, really, with the fans. I am committed obviously to the rebirth, the reinvigoration, doing whatever it takes to put a winner on the field to make Wayne (Weaver) and the other Jacksonvillians proud."

It should be viewed as a big day in Jacksonville, though the change of hands won’t come until Jan. 4, three days after the team’s last game.

The hiring of a new coach will tell us all a lot about the man with the handlebar mustache. Weaver indicated work's been done since Jack Del Rio was fired on Nov. 29 and that it’s all to be shared with Khan. But it was unclear if he was talking about sorting through and setting up the process that will be used for finding Del Rio's successor or the actual start of the search.

No offense to Weaver, but he sold the team so he should consider himself out of the coach-hiring business. Khan and his general manager, Gene Smith, can handle it.

Some members of the fraternity Khan’s joining spoke highly of their new member, the first minority to be a majority owner of an NFL franchise.

“He without question comes in as one of our most financially qualified owners,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told Tania Ganguli of the Times-Union.