Polian talks through Manning's work

INDIANAPOLIS – The Colts were obviously ticked off by a report Sunday by Fox’s Jay Glazer that Peyton Manning worked after practice last week in pads with teammates.

The Colts clearly felt the report was suggesting they’d done something wrong. So after Jim Caldwell met with the media following his team’s 27-13 win over Tennessee, vice chairman Bill Polian spoke about what Manning did this week.

I was there, but wanted to get you this quickly.

So here’s the team’s transcript of what he said.

“I’m here to set the record straight about ramped speculation that has gone on all morning and afternoon regarding Peyton Manning’s activities this past week, and his future with respect to playing and practicing this season.

“Wednesday, after we finished our full team practice, Peyton went through a prescribed rehabilitation session, which consisted of about 30 throws and seven or eight handoffs. Involved in that session were Joseph Addai, Jeff Saturday, snapping the ball, Anthony Gonzalez and a practice squad receiver. Peyton wore pads and a helmet, which he is allowed to do by rule and by CBA. There was a tape of that workout, which I attended and which Coach Caldwell attended.

“His throws were scripted at his request, meaning that he made specific throws with respect to the kinds of plays that we would run in a ballgame. The reason for that is because the strength and conditioning folks and the therapy folks felt that was the best way to ramp-up the kinesiology of the muscle use.

“I want to emphasize here that we broke no rule. We had no obligation to report that workout, (because) it was a post-practice rehabilitation workout, which is perfectly and completely legal. We have the tape of it, as I mentioned, and if anyone at the league office has any questions regarding it, and no one has asked, we would be happy to supply the tape.

“On Thursday we met with the doctors, the rehabilitation folks, the strength and conditioning folks and our training staff, and in that meeting we outlined where Peyton was and where he might be expected to go in the future. With respect to that meeting it was determined by the doctors that there was no chance that he would play this year. His rehabilitation has not come far enough to make it prudent for him to step on the field in game action.

“He may practice in some very scripted and circumscribed circumstances if he wishes, that is entirely up to him. He will be thinking that through, and probably, I would suspect given the short week, that it probably is not an issue this coming week. But he will not play, either in the upcoming game on Thursday night or in the last game in Jacksonville. That decision was made last Thursday by the medical people.

“That is consistent with what Jim Irsay and I have said all year, so there is absolutely no change in our position. We have said that we kept him active in order for him to get back into practice, if that was possible, that was the reason for keeping him active. Jim (Caldwell) said as recently, I believe, as a couple of weeks ago, that he doubted very seriously if Peyton would play, and that was an appropriate judgment on his part.

“I hope that this puts this speculation to rest, and that we can correctly celebrate the great effort that our guys made and our coaches made this afternoon.”