Good reads on Caldwell and Yates

A couple things you need to read from the home base.

1) Roy S. Johnson considers Jim Caldwell’s thinking as the Colts build up to a very important game.

"Should the Colts lose (Andrew) Luck, well, that New Year's Day win would go down in infamy as the costliest victory in sports history.

"But here's another conundrum: A Colts win might allow Caldwell to keep his job. Might being the operative word. Had the Colts run the table -- or more appropriately, had the table run over them -- and finished 0-16, Caldwell, no matter the Manning injury, almost certainly would have been fired."

2) Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. leads his rookie watch column with some talk of T.J. Yates.

"[R]ight now, this franchise has very little room for error. Much of that is because of the quarterback situation. That isn't to crush Houston's quarterback -- playing the position in this league isn't easy. But compared with the other playoff teams, this is clearly an area of concern. Houston is hopeful of getting WR Andre Johnson back into the mix, which is crucial for Yates and the Texans' playoff chances."