Name that Hasselbeck brother

The holidays have given Matt and Tim Hasselbeck a chance to get together. Paul Kuharsky/ESPN.com

Holiday season has provided ESPN's Tim Hasselbeck his first chance to visit his brother Matt in Nashville.

Based on who's smiling, it's hard to guess which of the brothers is on vacation. (I've been told I look like fat, short Hasselbeck. But I was not invited to join in the photo.)

"Does he critique me on air?" said Matt, the Titans quarterback. "I don't know, I don't watch. But he probably does. He's the middle child so he's probably getting back at me without me knowing. No, he's helpful. Last night we were just talking about different things. He's been in this offense before. It's just good, it's like having a veteran quarterback to kick things around with. It's helpful."

Asked about who won backyard battles as kids, Matt was very PC.

"I don't want to talk trash to someone who's on TV for a living," he said. "I only get 140 characters. He gets a half hour show. I'm not messing with that one."