Jim Caldwell in place, at least for now

A Twitter timeline of my Colts feed made for odd reading this morning and afternoon.

Early on, receiver Pierre Garcon tweeted: “BLACK MONDAY : (“

It turned out to be more of a question than a statement.

Jim Caldwell was scheduled to talk to reporters at 12:30 ET and no news came as that time neared. He spoke from the podium just like a regular Monday and said things were business as usual.

"We're going through the evaluation process for coaches and players," Caldwell said.

Phillip B. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star tweeted: “Jeff Saturday said a while ago that owner Jim Irsay has assured there will be change. Saturday curious what that will be” And “#Colts coach said he met with owner Jim Irsay after Sunday's game and with execs Bill and Chris Polian this morning.”

Later, around 1:40, punter Pat McAfee tweeted: “Just got out of year end meeting... Coach Caldwell & Chris Polian spoke. Gonna be interesting to see what happens in the next couple days”

The Colts can be methodical and meticulous. I don’t think this necessarily means Caldwell stays in place. But I could also see a scenario where, if the Colts keep him, they won’t announce they are doing so. They’ll just merely continue with their business.

I know owners and executives like to let the season play out before making big decisions or moves.

But I tend to agree with the assessment of Colts devotee and blogger Laura Callaway, who tweeted that Irsay’s decision should have been made a good while ago with a formula.

If X happens or doesn’t happen, then I will do Y.

Apparently, instead, Caldwell will flap in the breeze for a time and we’ll continue to monitor an awkward situation.