If the Titans lose Jerry Gray

If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hire Jerry Gray as their next head coach, Mike Munchak will be in a real jam.

Munchak lured Gray to Tennessee from the University of Texas to be his defensive coordinator. While the Titans' defense lacked the pieces to be a consistent unit, it was moving in the right direction in 2011. Players respond to Gray and respect him.

If he leaves, there is no clear replacement on staff. Linebackers coach Frank Bush had a disastrous term as the Texans coordinator. Senior assistant Dave McGinnis lost his position job to Bush as the staff took shape and has been passed over the last two times the post opened.

Munchak would likely have to hire from the outside. That’s not always a bad thing. The Titans will have a lot of new players on defense next season. But if they have a new coordinator and a new or modified system it could slow the unit's progress.