Inactives from Reliant Stadium

HOUSTON -- The inactive list should have little bearing on the Bengals-Texans opener of the NFL playoffs.

Houston will be without Troy Nolan, a safety who’s been part of the dime package. He's out with an ankle injury and Quintin Demps will get that action.

The biggest name on the Bengals list is Taylor Mays, a sometimes situational safety.

It’s a beautiful day in Houston, where my rental car said it was 75 degrees about 45 minutes ago. The roof of Reliant Stadium is closed.

Bob Holtzman and his producer extraordinaire, Charles Moynihan, are to my right. AFC North blogger Jamison Hensley is to my left.

Hensley and I will be in the Countdown Live chat along with Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. starting just before kickoff.

The complete inactive lists: