Does Ryan Grigson want Jim Caldwell?

Does new Colts general manager Ryan Grigson have any connection to Jim Caldwell?

He may, but nothing I see in either of their bios suggests a strong connection.

I don’t think Jim Irsay would give his new hire an edict about his head coach, and we just saw Reggie McKenzie toss Hue Jackson aside in Oakland in a similar situation.

A new GM keeping an old coach who’s not “his guy” seems to set up trouble.

If Mike Holmgren had 2010 back, I feel certain he wouldn’t have tried to make things work with Eric Mangini. He would have done what McKenzie’s done. Holmgren basically cost his franchise a year by trying to keep the coach he inherited when he became the Browns’ decision-maker.

Grigson’s first decision is likely to be on Caldwell, and we could know today whether he wants to stick with the coach in place or make a change.

I’m not sure who out there for Grigson would qualify as “his guy.” Marty Mornhinweg has been on the Eagles' staff for nine seasons and had a two-year stint as the Lions' head coach in 2001-02. He’s the one easy guy to mention, but we have no idea what kind of relationship Grigson has with him or what he wants to see in a head coach.

He’ll be introduced today, and we’ll begin to find out.