Thoughts on Ryan Grigson's introduction

Ryan Grigson told Indianapolis reporters what he couldn’t talk about in his introductory news conference Wednesday:

  • Hypothetical Peyton Manning situations.

  • What kind of defensive scheme the Colts were going to play without knowing exactly what kind of players he has and know who’s coaching them.

  • Whether Jim Caldwell will be the Colts coach moving forward. He just met Caldwell for the first time not long before he met the press.

  • The degree of the talent gap between Indianapolis and the league’s best teams as he doesn't have a full grasp of the roster yet.

But some things he did share would have me excited if I were a Colts fan.

A quick rundown of my quick impressions:

Getting heard: Asked for a less-than-obvious player he was proud to have played a role in getting drafted, he turned to an undrafted middle linebacker St. Louis signed after the 2001 draft.

There were slim pickings among the leftover weakside linebackers, and when his boss with the Rams asked his scouts if anybody had one, the room fell silent. And he took a deep breath and offered up Kole Ayi out of UMass, who went on to play in 13 games for St. Louis and New England in 2001 and 2002.

It wasn't that Ayi turned out to be a Pro Bowler.

That moment showed Grigson that, knowing he’d done the work, he could step up, show some confidence and speak up. And he said he hopes the people he will now work with in the Colts organization will be able to take a similar approach.

Grind tape: He said the only way to learn what he’s inheriting from a personnel perspective is to “grind tape.”

Grigson said he's got a general impression of everyone on the roster. Now he needs to lock himself in an office, put up a do not disturb sign and learn everything about everybody.

"Grigson people": On the idea of having to have his own people, he said: “If there is talent, to me that makes no sense. That’s not my mindset. I like to salvage things. If there is ability, why get rid of it?

That's a great thing for players and employees to hear from the new boss.


Also, three good quotes that tell us about him...

His affections: “I love football, I love scouting, I love people. I think I am good at what I do because those things come naturally to me.”

First step: “I know I am considerably younger than Mr. Polian, but at one time he took his first step, too."

Sensing it: “It’s all about finding talent. You sense it or you don’t. I feel that’s one of my strong points."