Wayne not thinking about greener pastures

INDIANAPOLIS — Most veterans approaching free agency coming off a season for the league’s worst team are eager to bolt.

Greener pastures await, of course.

So I was really struck by something Reggie Wayne told me in a short conversation I had with him at the NFL Experience at the Super Bowl, where he was playing Kinect for XBOX 360 for school kids.

You can see the news story here.

The key line from Wayne is about his willingness to stay with the Colts if they want him and are able to strike a deal.

“This is what I have, this is all I know,” he said. “So I wouldn’t mind being part of a rebuilding process. They need some old heads too, you know? It would be an honor to still be part of this organization even with a rebuilding phase. I know there are going to be some guys on the team that I still know, I know the head coach, Chuck Pagano, pretty good (from time together at the university of Miami.) I’d just look at it as my rookie year all over again.”

I am officially refreshed — though I expect the Colts will move on from Wayne and most of their old guard.

Peyton Manning is probably gone and Andrew Luck is probably the quarterback. Wayne hasn’t seen Luck much, but said based on reputation and word of mouth he figures it would be very difficult for the Colts to do anything with the No. 1 pick but draft him.

He said he expects Manning to be able to play, but he doesn’t know where.

The stability Wayne and the Colts have enjoyed qualifies as an exception. The change happening now qualifies as “the nature of the beast,” he said.

“They’ve got some decisions to make, I know that, some tough decisions and now just with him, up and down the roster,” Wayne said.