Colts don't need to protect Peyton Manning

One clumsy part of Jim Irsay’s comments Tuesday got passed over for the bigger elements of the news.

So we circle back.

On Peyton Manning's nerve regeneration and ability to throw, Irsay said: “I always want Peyton to understand the risk-rewards about playing. We want to make sure he understands the long-term aspects of his health in trying to play."

I think Irsay should be completely confident Manning understands.

He’s a smart guy who’s not going to force himself onto a football field if he can’t play or is at risk. And his doctor has already said Manning's neck isn’t a risk now, so it’s about the arm strength.

This idea that part of what Irsay and the Colts need to do now is protect Manning from himself is nonsensical to me. And somewhat insulting.

The health risk issues connected to the neck have been addressed, and clearly Manning and his medical people think he’s fine to play.

If muscles aren’t firing to allow him to throw the way he’s used to, that’s a different issue entirely.

It’s serious for sure, but it’s not as if he’d be putting himself in danger stepping on a football field without his laser, rocket arm.