Chat wrap: We covered ground

Thursday's chat got four stars.

Some snippets:

Alex Shoaf (Nashville, TN): What impact do the assistant coaching change ups for the Titans have for next year?

Paul Kuharsky: Not major. I think Keith Millard as a pass rushing coach can have an impact. Brett Maxie will some new guys to get to work with in the secondary.

Andrew (Tennessee): What would be your nickname? The Paulmighty?

Paul Kuharsky: We're taking candidates. That's a nice one maybe.

Trip (Jacksonville): The Kismet is pretty sweet. A brief lunch in (Shad) Kahn's yacht should help the jags pull in all the talent we need for a championship team.

Paul Kuharsky: Will be a nice stop on a recruiting visit.

Dwight Freeny (Looking at the want ads): I know they haven't cut me yet but I can see it coming, Any chance you could get me an appointment in Nashville?

Paul Kuharsky: Wow would you be the boost the Titans are looking for. How much money will you want, is the question.

Rick (MS): If Houston doesn't sign or tag (Arian) Foster, do you see another team offering a tender Houston can’t match?

Paul Kuharsky: Possible. And frightening.

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