Andrew Luck arrives in Indianapolis quietly

INDIANAPOLIS -- The smoking gun in the Peyton Manning saga arrived in town Wednesday.

And no one noticed.

I arrived to cover the NFL combine Wednesday and I was on the same flight from the West with several NFL prospects, who were heading to Indy to show scouts what they've got. None of the prospects was more recognizable than Andrew Luck, the highly-decorated Stanford quarterback. Luck is widely expected to be the No. 1 overall pick in the April draft by the Indianapolis Colts and he is expected to take over for Manning this season.

Yet, when Luck got off the plane, he walked through the terminal and patiently waited for his belongings at the baggage claim just like everyone else. Not one person went up to him or even turned their head when the tall kid in jeans and tennis shoes walked by.

This city has been buzzing about the Manning-Luck situation for months. Yet, Luck’s first steps into the city he will soon call home came and went without any fanfare.