Seeking a straight answer from Munchak

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Titans' offensive line is good as it is. Unless it isn’t.

That was the gist of what Mike Munchak said about the group at the NFL scouting combine.

I think he had an excellent first year overall, and he’s certainly judged foremost on his team’s performance. Few thought he had 9-7 talent, but he fielded a 9-7 team.

He’s an accommodating and accountable media presence.

But too often he takes all sides of an issue, as he did in this piece on the offensive line -- where indications are right guard Jake Scott will become a free agent and where left guard Leroy Harris and center Eugene Amano are coming off less-than-great seasons.

“You’re looking at all your options in the offseason. I could be standing here thinking we’re not necessarily going to do something, then all of a sudden in free agency we feel there’s a lineman out there that could really make a difference," he said. "A lot of times you just want to shake the room up, you want to make a change that’s good for the team. Sometimes that helps, so we’ll look at that. We are open to things depending on how the draft falls. We could go into the draft not thinking about taking an offensive lineman then all of a sudden it’s your pick and there’s an offensive lineman in the second or third round that you weren’t necessarily thinking of taking and all of a sudden maybe it’s the right thing to do for your team at that time. We’re not going into the draft or free agency thinking we must go get this guy because we have this huge hole. I don’t feel we have any holes there, it’s just a matter of we have to play better.”

Munchak said moving Amano back to guard from center is a possibility. He said there is an opportunity for Scott to return, though previously he said the team would get younger on the interior line, and Scott is the only old guy there.

Thursday Munchak also said: “We’re going to be looking at combinations if there’s a better way to fix it and that will be one of the things that goes into the mix over the next few months.”

I understand there are all sorts of possibilities ahead and that the team doesn’t want to publicly box itself in on anything.

But inside a five-minute span there, the Titans coach said the line doesn’t have any holes and offered up that it is looking for a “better way to fix it.”

Are there no holes or does it need to be fixed?

I’m not trying to nitpick. I just want to know.