Manning, Wayne face more young CBs in Week 2

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

In their opener, Peyton Manning got to throw against rookie cornerback Derek Cox, who spent most of the game line up against Reggie Wayne.

The Colts quarterback will have another chance Monday night in Miami to test first-year defensive backs.

Sean Smith, a second-rounder, and Vontae Davis, a first rounder, are splitting time on the right opposite veteran Will Allen and are likely to get a lot of time with Wayne.

“Kind of like the first game against Jacksonville, there is not a lot of film to study on these guys,” Manning said. “You have two rookie corners that rotate on one side, both first-and second-round draft choices, and you can see why. They are very talented, very athletic guys. They have Will Allen, the veteran, on the other side, so I know those guys are learning from him.

“It’s nice when you have young corners, and a 10-year veteran on the other side that they can learn from. There is still sort of some unknown when you play a game in Week 2 that has new players on defense. You have to prepare for what you think you might get, and be prepared to adjust. They are a talented, athletic defense that has a lot of speed.”

At 6-3, Smith is the sort of tall corner that intrigued a lot of teams.

He and Davis are surely spending a lot of time learning what they can from what Cox did, and the Dolphins will surely look to give them help in a tough matchup.

I’d expect it’s one that will wind up being favorable for the Colts.