Chat wrap: Technical issue couldn't stop us

Our chat suffered a technical interruption Thursday. Thought we still go a lot of good stuff in, I’ll pay back an extra 15 minutes sometime soon.

If you were there at the right time, you still got quality stuff like this:

Kyle (Ottawa, Ontario)

What do you do if your Jacksonville? Sign Vincent Jackson and draft Melvin Ingram or sign Mario Williams and draft Kendall Wright/Michael Floyd?

Paul Kuharsky

I LOVE Vincent Jackson. But if you can get Mario Williams, I think you have to go that direction. Very good question. You have the lead.

2ToneBlueBlood (murfreesboro tn)

I've seen you mention a few times that you think the Titans should pursue [Robert] Mathis or [Dwight] Freeney. Chances you think it will actually happen?

Paul Kuharsky

Freeney is under contract. If he's released they'd have to look. And they have to look at Mathis. They know they need a guy with special rush skills and that there are few of them. But if someone is giving them crazy money, it probably won't be Tennessee.

Awayne (Indy)

Colts go 3-4 what do you do with [Drake] Nevis, good potential but doesn't fit in 3-4 probably doesn't have much trade value?

Paul Kuharsky

Which is why it's a gradual shift, not a one-year overhaul.

Tyler (Duval)

Your thoughts on Gene Smith saying the Jags won't be as active in free agency this year as we were last year. Kind of upset me. I understand building through the draft but free agency is a very nice tool you can use.

Paul Kuharsky

Don't like it. Hope it's not a set up for a reveal that [new Jaguars owner Shahid] Khan won't spend all that money. Two big guys and a draft, that'd be fine.

Richard (Knoxville)

You can revoke a franchise tag up until July 15.

Paul Kuharsky

Not if he signs it.

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