On the snippet of Manning throwing

The video in the previous post isn’t super revealing, but multiple reports regarding Peyton Manning indicate he’s throwing better.

One important detail from Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz is that he’s heard good things about Manning’s progress from a source outside the Manning camp.

That means we can count it a bit more than just the next round of the PR back-and-forth.

Manning's $28 million bonus is due Thursday. This is a big week.

I don’t think there is room for the Colts to change course. I do think if Manning is doing well, there is a chance he’ll be able to throw for teams shortly after free agency opens on March 13. If he can audition effectively early in free agency, he’ll be in great position to get signed and get on with things.

If he’s still not himself, suitors may have doubts and would likely be less willing to jump.

Message to guy who shot the video: Upgrade your camera and give us more!