Reading the coverage: Peyton Manning

Reading the coverage of Peyton Manning's pending release by the Colts ...

"There is no bad guy here. Not Colts owner Jim Irsay. Not Peyton Manning. It was the perfect storm of imperfect circumstances, a 2-14 season, a devastating series of neck injuries and the unexpected and incredibly fortuitous availability of (Andrew) Luck at the No. 1 draft spot.” Bob Kravitz’s column from the Indianapolis Star.

"If you think about it," said Carmen Policy, the man who traded Joe Montana "pro football is a social example of Darwinism operating in its purest form. It's crueler than Hollywood. I mean, you're a gorgeous star today, but a few years from now you're too old and there's someone prettier and someone with more talent." Clark Judge’s column from CBSSports.com.

Breaking down all the money matters with Manning, from Andrew Brandt of ESPN.com.

Darren Rovell spun Brandt’s numbers to come up with Manning’s hourly wage during his term in Indianapolis.

WISHTV.com shows us Manning and Irsay arriving in Indianapolis on Irsay’s private jet and their stop to say hello to reporters.

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports ranks the 12 destinations Manning should consider, and Houston’s No. 1 despite reports it is not interested.

Manning is more motivated than ever, says Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com.

If Manning’s new team gets anywhere near his typical quality of play, then the Colts’ decision to send Peyton packing could have a major hand in how the 2012 NFL season unravels, says Chris Burke of SI.com.

Irsay better hope he made the right call on Manning, says ESPN.com’s Ashley Fox.

A timeline of all that’s unfolded, from NFL.com.

Despite the divorce, Manning’s legacy will always be in Indianapolis, writes Jeff Darlington of NFL.com.

Alex Marvez of FoxSports.com looks at potential landing spots for Manning.

Seven possible landing spots for Manning from The Sporting News.

Parents who named their kids Peyton lament the quarterback’s exit, says WISHTV.com.

Manning and the Colts cultivated a fiercely deep, loyal fan base not only in Indiana, but around the globe, says Greg Cowan of Colts Authority.