McShay and Mel mock the Colts

Lost in a day that was busy thanks to Peyton Manning were new mock drafts from Todd McShayInsider and Mel Kiper JrInsider.

Here’s the first of four team by team reviews.

1) Indianapolis Colts

The picks: McShay and Kiper both take Stanford QB Andrew Luck

McShay: “It's never easy to say goodbye to a legend like Peyton Manning -- a Super Bowl winner and the face of the franchise since his first day in training camp -- but using the No. 1 overall pick on a once-in-a-generation prospect like Luck is an opportunity the Colts can't pass up. Luck's NFL-ready skill set and demeanor sets Indianapolis up for another decade-plus with one of the best quarterbacks in the league. “

Kiper: “No change here, even with the change to the future of Peyton Manning. Luck was going to land with the Colts; it was only a matter of whether he'd be serving an apprenticeship. I'm interested to see if he gets a deal done well before the draft so he can dive into the playbook. You know the scouting report. Arm strength, talent, size, smarts, leadership, intangibles -- it's all there. Luck is currently working hard out in Palo Alto to further refine his talents.”

Kuharsky: It’s a mere formality.