Will Peyton Manning avoid the NFC?

One very popular theory as we debate and speculate Peyton Manning's landing spot is that he doesn’t want to go to the NFC.

I think that may be the case.

But outside of eliminating the Redskins, in part because he doesn’t want to face his brother and the Giants twice a year, I think the rationale being used is off.

The primary reason Manning might want to avoid the NFC isn’t to stay away from Eli Manning, it’s to stay close to the defenses he knows.

He’s a meticulous note-taker and student. And he’s got a book on the teams of the AFC, who he faced far more regularly in his 14 years with the Colts. That knowledge base is a piece ingredient that works in Manning’s favor.

Sure, if he’s healthy he wouldn’t have trouble preparing for an NFC team. But I bet, given a choice, he’d rather prepare for teams, schemes, players and coaches he’s literally got a book on. And more of those are in the AFC than the NFC.