ManningWatch: Nobody knows, still

Speculation is rampant.

I’m here to serve my role as a wet blanket.

I’m not buying that the Broncos' front office is sharing details of what’s unfolding with Peyton Manning with a radio host. I’m confident some college teammate of Manning’s from UT won’t be in the first wave of people who learn what’s going to unfold.

As we’ve discussed what’s going to happen, I hope I’ve emphasized consistently enough that my opinion is predominantly speculation. So is virtually everyone’s.

Here’s one opinion that matters: Duke coach David Cutcliffe talked to David Climer about how Manning, whom he coached at UT, has looked. But he didn’t indicate where Manning is going.

Beyond that, it’s a guessing game.

Even if Denver is reportedly sending a plane to Raleigh, where Manning is believed to be. Jump to conclusions if you like. Perhaps it means a deal is done.

But please consider the ways that's not a guarantee he's going to be a Bronco.

Couldn't it just be them being aggressive? "Peyton, you asked us to sit back while you completed your visits. Now that you have, we're sending our plane to be ready to bring you here when you decide you're going to join us."

Or maybe they are going to watch a workout.

What if Bud Adams immediately sent his plane there, too? What would we interpret then?

While I am interested in what people are thinking, random predictions about where he will land or where he won’t, what’s important to him and what’s not, are mostly being pulled out of thin air.

Thin air makes for fun talk, but also difficult breathing. Some people who know Manning and/or who’ve covered him might have an ability to do some logical reasoning to piece together a potential scenario.

But nobody knows. We hate to wait, but we have no choice.

Coming into today, it seems to be 50-50 or 60-40 between the Titans and Broncos.

Make your pick.

But when he decides and reveals where he’s heading, please spare everyone the part where you say you knew it all along.