How big a need is receiver for Titans?

We don’t know where Kenny Britt's recovery from a blown-out knee will be come the Titans' season-opener.

Odds are he’s not all the way back at the start. Many skill position players aren’t back to themselves until the second year back from a torn ACL.

The Titans have been receiver needy in some way, shape or form since they relocated to Nashville. But I get a strong sense from the team that it’s not regarded as a primary need.

Britt can be elite when healthy. Nate Washington blossomed last season and showed he can be a quality No. 2. Damian Williams is an up-and-comer as the third who showed real signs.

Lavelle Hawkins can run after the catch and got a new deal despite still qualifying as somewhat flighty.

That’s not a bad three or four at the top.

But how much can the Titans count on Britt from the start, and how sure are they that they will get a full season out of him?

If they aren’t healthy, then they need more.

I don’t expect more will come in the form of a first-round pick. But they do need to get someone in the pipeline who can contribute early, particularly if or when Britt is unavailable.