Scouts Inc. on the level of Colts' draft needs

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. wrote recently about the five teams he believes need to draft the best.

He has the Indianapolis Colts third in his Insider piece.

Some biting highlightsInsider of his comments.

This is the worst pre-draft NFL roster that I can remember. The Colts will select their quarterback and new face of the franchise first overall, so they do not need to address the quarterback position after that card is handed to the commissioner. But they need everything else.

Williamson doesn’t expect the Colts to take a running back since they recently drafted both Donald Brown and Delone Carter. He says they have “zero” at tight end and an offensive coordinator in Bruce Arians who likes to run a lot of two-tight end sets. That makes Andrew Luck’s Stanford tight end Coby Fleener an attractive player, though he could well be gone by 34.

Beyond the aging Reggie Wayne and Austin Collie, Williamson says “the players Luck will throw to are among the very worst in the league.”

As for the defense…

On defense, transitioning from Indianapolis' Cover 2 scheme that stressed speed over size to a physical Ravens-like multiple defensive scheme is going to be incredibly difficult. In fact, the Colts need to get bigger and more physical on both sides of the ball. Pat Angerer and Antoine Bethea are promising young players, but several current key pieces -- Cory Redding, Robert Mathis and probably Dwight Freeney -- are all older, which is a problem.

Also, 3-4 defenses just are not successful on early downs without a good nose tackle, and Indy doesn't have one currently on the roster. Cornerback also stands out as an extremely weak spot. I expect the Colts to pick first overall again next year at this time. But they have four picks in the top 100 and absolutely must find some good players in this draft to start a massive rebuilding project and make Luck's transition to the pros a smooth one.

There is no surprise here, but hearing the harsh reality spelled out makes it all the, well, harsher.