Examining my power rankings ballot

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

The newest power rankings are out, and here’s the status of your AFC South teams:

Last week I didn’t make a lot of major moves on my ballot off of one result. This week, as I previewed Monday, it was time for major market adjustments.

Here’s Mike Sando’s chart showing how four of us voted.

And here is my explanation for votes where I strayed from all three of my colleagues by at least three votes.

No. 10 New England: I have the Patriots 13th, three spots lower than anyone.

I love the Patriots, I picked them to win the Super Bowl. But it’s hard to be impressed with them so far outside of the great finish in Buffalo. I am very concerned about the defense.

No. 11 San Diego: I have the Chargers eighth, four spots higher than anyone.

The team has flaws for sure, but I left them where I had them after the late win over Oakland. I can’t see downgrading them much for losing to Baltimore, a team I am feeling like might be turning into a Super Bowl favorite.

No. 30 Kansas City: I have the Chiefs 27th, three spots higher than anyone.

I hardly love the Chiefs. I just think I’d pick them to beat Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Detroit, Cleveland and St. Louis on a neutral field right now.

Two other notes:

The Titans rank 16th and the Texans 17th. I hate when this happens. After I have adjusted my ballot, if I’ve got two teams that just played each other in close proximity, I try to put the winner above the loser. Thus my placement of Houston 15th and Tennessee 16th.

I dropped Arizona six spots coming off an impressive win. The move was less about the Cardinals and more about a lot of other teams. As Tennessee, New England and Philly took big hits, they still all rank ahead of the Cardinals in my eyes. As Minnesota, New Orleans, the Jets, San Francisco and Houston climbed, they had to move above someone. I see all eight of those teams as my pick in a head-to-head neutral field matchup with the Cards right now. Check back after the Colts game Sunday night, which will tell us a great deal more.