Scouting chatter: Jacksonville Jaguars

Thoughts on the Jaguars draft from two people involved in evaluating personnel for NFL teams:

Guy No. 1

“They are a wild card. A hard team to predict, and No. 7 isn’t a great spot.”

“Not Quinton Coples.”

“I don’t know if Melvin Ingram really is a fit. Gene Smith wants a defined position. Maybe they can find a defined position for Ingram. But part of the appeal is the versatility, you can move him around to different spots.”

Justin Blackmon if he fell, without a doubt, they’d take him in a second. Otherwise I’d say Stephon Gilmore of Fletcher Cox.”

Guy No. 2

“They have a strange profile. They don’t see the board and value the way others do. They always try to trade out. They don’t care if they are regarded as taking a guy too high. They’d rather you think it’s too high than miss him and be kicking themselves.”

“If Blackmon falls to them, he helps the quarterback. He’s pretty damn good. If he’s not there, they can find a receiver later. There are a bunch of guys that can help them. The way to help Blaine Gabbert the most isn’t necessarily with weapons. It’s with the run game and a good defense that turns him into a game manager, maybe like Mark Sanchez.”

“Ingram is pretty good, but it depends on how you use him. He’s less than 6-2. He’s not a fit for everybody. He’s a little better for a 3-4 than a 4-3.”

“Don’t be surprised if it’s Stephon Gilmore. He is squeaky clean. Kirkpatrick is more flamboyant, with more swagger. Gilmore’s a lot like Rashean Mathis, he’s the same size, he moves the same way. He’s fast, he’s productive, he tackles, he intercepts. What don’t you like about him?"