Freeney upbeat about new position

Hosts Bill Polian and Alex Marvez spoke with Indianapolis Colts veteran defensive end/outside linebacker Dwight Freeney on SiriusXM NFL Radio recently, and kindly provided this snippet.

Polian: “I can’t get used to hearing ‘Colts outside linebacker Dwight Freeney.’ Tell me what the new defense is going to ask you to do, how you think you are going to be deployed and how you are viewing it and what you are looking forward to.”

Freeney: “Yeah, it’s definitely something that I’m not used to hearing. But it’s going to be interesting and fun for me. I’ve been doing, as you know, the same thing I’ve always been doing for 10 years, going on my 11th year now. And I’ve been pretty successful at it. They’re going to be putting in a system similar to kinda like, you know, maybe the Ravens or Pittsburgh a little bit, outside linebacker, which is a proven system that works.

“So I guess for me it is just getting familiar with all those nuances, my line of sight, walking around, dropping in coverage. I’m doing those things and, you know, that’s just going to take a little time in the beginning to get used to, to get as comfortable as I have been having my hand on the ground, being in one position.

“But also this is going to probably benefit me maybe a little bit because I’m not in a blackboard position, as we call it, where they know exactly where I am and they know exactly what we’re going to do. We’ll be coming with different various blitzes from different sides. I’ll be moving around so I’ll be harder to find.”

Polian: “So similar to what [Terrell] Suggs did in Baltimore?”

Freeney: “Similar to it. I’m sure we’ll come up with our own little tweaks to that whole entire system. But I think from a pass-rusher’s standpoint, that’s the benefit if you can go out and be able to do all that you have done, for me, on one side. Now being able to pass rush against the opposite tackle who may be a weaker player, maybe they’ll single out a guard, who knows what they’ll do? Which will give me some opportunities to make some big plays where in the past it was pretty much, ‘Dwight, you’re on the right, whatever they throw at you just handle it and deal with it.”

Freeney sounds fired up, which is great and which makes me fired up to see the Colts defense with him and Robert Mathis in the new roles. I suspect they'll both be struggling with the suspect coverage the team will field behind them.