Mailbag: The future for Kevin Walter

The Mailman from Section 146 EverBank Field writes: An elite punter that can consistently force fair catches and pin the enemy inside the 20 is a defensive weapon. Is an elite punter worth a high draft pick? Al Davis took Ray Guy with his 1st round pick in the '73 draft. Was that crazy? Yeah, I'd say so and we're talking about Ray Guy. I can live with giving up a 3rd round pick if Bryan Anger is another Ray Guy. At least GM Gene is not Al Davis crazy.

Paul Kuharsky: You’re giving me one whole example, and he was drafted 39 years ago.

Think the game’s evolved a little bit since then? I am not anti-punter.

And I could have lived with Bryan Anger in the fourth perhaps, definitely in the fifth.

But it’s simply silly to refer to someone who would have punted 99 times last year as a starter, as Gene Smith did, when the offense and defense played more than 900 plays each.

Realistically, what are the odds Anger is Guy? Slim.

Brutus from Houston writes: Now that the Texans have drafted 2 new receivers, and released Jacoby Jones, do you see a receiver currently on the Texans' roster that can really step up and challenge Kevin Walter as the starter opposite Andre Johnson and the heir apparent to Andre down the road?

Paul Kuharsky: I am sure DeVier Posey and Keshawn Martin will prove more dynamic than Walter.

But they’ll have to be precise to chop away at his snaps.

It’s not a bad thing, if Johnson is healthy, and Arian Foster and Owen Daniels are on the field, to have a precise, sure route-runner who blocks on the field as well. That’s Walter.

Dan from Indianapolis writes: Looking at the Colts draft picks this year; especially the TEs. It’s clear they plan on running a lot of 2 TE sets. However, I remember Grigson and/or Pagano saying weeks ago that they plan on using fullback running sets. I'm trying to imagine the standard offensive sets they plan to use this year. With 5 lineman, QB, RB, FB, and two TE's, that only leaves one open spot for any of the WRs. Obviously, multiple formations are used in game. But do you really think this is what the colts plan on doing for the most part? Or do you think that post draft, the Colts are now shying away from the fullback idea? Are the days of 2 wide outs, slot receiver formations mostly over.

Paul Kuharsky: They will be two-tight sometimes, and they will be fullback at other times. They won’t be both at the same time, except maybe in an occasional short-yardage situation.

If the skill guys pan out, I hope they lead the Colts (and any team) away from using a fullback much. A quality tight end like Dwayne Allen should be able to add enough to the run game as a blocker while not giving away that it’s a run every time he’s on the field. Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians historically does a lot with multiple tight ends, so I expect two-tights to wind up as the base look.

But these days, you’re a dinosaur if you aren’t going three-wide (or the equivalent of three wide with Coby Fleener in the slot) a reasonable amount of the time, too.

They still have a lot of time to sort these things out.

Ellen Rosenblum from Jacksonville writes: Why do you continue to fan the flames of Tebow and jacksonville? I know every Tebow reference by ESPN is supposed to get ratings, but for most of us in Jacksonville it is very old and tired news. The sports media is having a great time accentuating the negatives of Jacksonville, while downplaying the positive of getting Justin Blackmon. Goodbye ESPN.

Paul Kuharsky: You blame me, I blame the Jags.

Why in the world would they be talking Wildcat now, and make it a selling point for cornerback Mike Harris. If they are going to run some silly, gimmicky stuff, then they should have gone and gotten the league’s biggest gimmick.

Otherwise, find people who can run somewhat conventional offense with success and run it.

And talk about that.