As Colts wait on Luck, Manning on display

Indianapolis Colts fans will have to wait to get new snapshots of Andrew Luck. As his class finishes at Stanford, he can’t officially rejoin the team until June 8, and his minicamp participation June 12-14 will be much heralded.

Making it even tougher for fans of the Colts to wait on the present, is that their past is up and running.

Peyton Manning reportedly threw on target and with zip as the Denver Broncos kicked off their OTAs Monday.

He’s been gone for some time already.

But I imagine a lot of Colts fans will struggle at seeing pictures and video and hearing reports of Manning’s first day working with the Broncos in a group setting.

On SportsCenter just now I saw him doing his pre-snap pointing, taking drops and firing passes, then talking in front of a banner with Broncos logos on it.

Some in Indianapolis paid close attention, but I don’t doubt others felt they needed to change the channel.