Are Titans OK with mediocre run blocking?

After the previous post about unreasonable causes for optimism around the division at this stage of the offseason, I found myself thinking more about the Tennessee Titans’ interior line uncertainty.

And while I don’t think the Titans aren’t thinking this way, I think they could and that I would have fewer concerns if they did.

Leave Eugene Amano and Leroy Harris at center and guard, respectively, and you can still have one of the best pass-protecting offensive lines in the NFL.

Last year the line allowed only 22 sacks. Right guard Jake Scott is gone and veteran guard Steve Hutchinson is new. Hutchinson will play left guard, with Harris shifting sides.

Chris Johnson is still regularly mentioned as one of the team’s primary weapons.

But things are shifting.

The Titans drafted a receiver, Kendall Wright, in the first round. All indications are coach Mike Munchak and offensive coordinator Chris Palmer are falling more in line with the modern NFL, which is a quarterback-centric, passing game league.

If that is the case, if the Titans get good quarterback play from Matt Hasselbeck or Jake Locker, if they get a healthy Kenny Britt making regular contributions, if they get a repeat season from Nate Washington, if they get good rookie production from Wright, if they find ways to funnel passes to the dangerous tight end Jared Cook, then perhaps being a great pass-protecting line will be enough.

Perhaps being a great run-blocking line will prove to be a luxury, not a necessity.

Last season's Super Bowl winner, let's remember, was the only team in the league that averaged fewer rushing yards per game than the Titans.