We survived incident and chatted away

I appreciated your understanding for a late start to Friday's chat. I share the incident that delayed me at the top of the conversation. Perhaps you'll find it amusing, perhaps you'll think me a tool.

We quickly moved on to a lot of other stuff.

  • Chris from Upper Carolina's dinner decision.

  • Colts running back depth.

  • A couple potential breakthrough teams in the NFL in 2012.

  • Aaron Kampman's future.

  • Houston's No. 3 receiver.

  • Marc Mariani's roster security.

  • Continued lamenting over the DeMeco Ryans trade.

  • How it's a mistake to say Jake Locker isn't seizing the job.

I believe a good time was had by all. But I think it's the sort of chat that, even if you were a live participant, you'll want to visit and re-visit and share with friends.

So I spent all morning digging up this link for you.