Ordering the top backs in the division

How do AFC South running backs line up against the rest of the league?

ESPN.com's Ashley Fox thinks the top three are all top 10. She’s got Maurice Jones-Drew second, Arian Foster fourth and Chris Johnson 10th.

That seems reasonable to me. Though, to the chagrin of Jaguars fans and MJD, I give Foster the edge in the division because I find him more versatile and consider him more dangerous in a better offense.

Granted it was on a far better team, but in 2011 Foster averaged 5.56 yards per touch to MJD’s 5.12. Foster is younger and doesn’t take the same degree of a beating on a weekly basis.

How do you stack the AFC South backs?

I always fear a poll becomes a popularity contest and I only have five slots to order them. But I present what I think are the most reasonable choice for ordering these three and politely request your input.