Casey on Horton's 'most versatile' list

Gary Horton’s been looking at the most versatile players in the NFL.

In his AFC Insider pieceInsider, he’s got one AFC South representative: Houston fullback/H-back James Casey, ranks eighth.

Horton on Casey:

“He is really a tight end by trade, but he lines up mostly at fullback in this dynamic Texans' offense. He isn't a devastating blocker in the run game, but he is a good athlete with solid feet whose best production comes in the passing game. He can either release in space as a receiver in their two-back sets, or he can move to TE, either in line or flexed out when they go to their two-TE look. He gives the Texans a ton of offensive flexibility.”

I know the Texans just added fullback Moran Norris to their roster.

I’ll hit on this more soon, but I’d be fine with the Texans abandoning the idea of a fullback altogether.

Let Casey be what he really is, working as an H-back/ tight end. Arian Foster can run just as well behind Casey or Owen Daniels or Garrett Graham.