Projecting linemen in 2015

Matt Williamson knows far more on the Xs and Os and the Jimmies and Joes of the NFL than I do. He’s got a scouting background, I’ve got a reporting background.

So we look with interest at his projection of the best NFL offensive linemen in the NFL for the 2015 seasonInsider.

It’s awfully hard to project player quality four years out. I wouldn’t relish an assignment like that.

The AFC South presence on the list is minimal.

Williamson has Houston left tackle Duane Brown at No. 8.

“Much better in protection than as a run blocker, Brown still fits the Texans' movement-based run scheme very well. But like other left tackles mentioned above, keeping his quarterback clean in the pocket is what Brown excels at doing. Getting past him in this capacity was extremely difficult in 2011, and he has never missed a start in his career. Brown, a cornerstone of what was the league's best offensive line last year, will turn 27 soon, making him a young 30 when the 2015 season begins.”

But wither the rest of the AFC South’s top blockers? Two are on the honorable mention list: Jacksonville’s left tackle Eugene Monroe and Tennessee’s Michael Roos.

Monroe could still be in his prime in 2015. Perhaps it’s fair to expect Roos, who would be in his 11th season four seasons out, might not rank as top 15. But then, plenty of the league’s top linemen have great staying power.

Who do you think will be the best linemen out of the current AFC South guys in four seasons?