You don't want to miss this chat wrapup

From Friday's chat:

NFLPA (Everywhere): Mr. Kuharsky - if you expect Mr. Jones-Drew to honor his contract, shouldn't teams be required to honor contracts as well and not get away with cutting players one year into a five year deal?

Paul Kuharsky: No, because the contract isn't guaranteed and players know that. It's the way it works. Only the guaranteed money guaranteed. By paying the guarantee, the team has honored the contract.If you don't perform, you risk getting cut. That's great for the game. You don't see guys with monster deals that teams have to hold on to like in baseball or hoops.

We also hit on:

  • Donald Brown.

  • The idea that the Texans have the division in the bag.

  • Low profile guys who could break out.

  • Ranking the pass-rushes and the secondaries.

  • Matt Schaub vs. Jay Cutler.

  • What makes a team elite.

So check it out, right here.