Life minus football: James Casey

The AFC South blog asked Houston Texans fullback James Casey what he would be doing if there was no football in his life.

Here’s his reply:

“Well, I graduated from Rice with a triple major and finally got the degree done. I was drafted baseball-wise, so without using the baseball thing, I don’t know. I’d go to law school and try to become a lawyer or try to use the Rice network to maybe work in oil and gas here in Houston. I know this is the energy capital of the United States. I don’t know, it’s hard. If I was in oil and gas I’d probably do something like investment banking or private equity stuff. I have some friends who are Rice alumni who’ve gone into that end of the business. If I went to law school, maybe corporate law, maybe the front office of a baseball team. I’m not pigeonholing myself at this point, I’m just keeping all my options open after football is done."