Get your AFC South chat wrap

What a nice chat we had Thursday. It had flow. It had passion.

It even had comedy: We always have participants posing as players, and celebrities posting questions about themselves. After this chat, someone tweeted me asking why anyone would believe Maurice Jones-Drew actually visited with us.

Newsflash, chief -- he didn’t.

Anyway, we covered a lot of ground, including…

  • The Matt Schaub clutch question.

  • The first pick in your fantasy draft.

  • Mike Thomas’ role in Jacksonville.

  • Why the Titans won’t be looking to deal a quarterback.

  • Where James Casey ranks among tight ends.

  • A new ESPN program titled “Kuharsky and Hutch.”

  • Rating EverBank Field.

  • Who’d win a fight between Brian Cushing and Paul Posluszny.

Enjoy all that and more for the low, low price of … zero.

That’s right. In order to get you hooked, it’s free right here.